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"Viva los Chileans" was scrawled in black text on a white piece of paper and tape on the back of a four-wheel drive to the eye. I asked who owned the vehicle to pass this morning on my way back from a networking breakfast in my home district of Subiaco Perth, the city's most isolated world?

What motivated you to write this slogan, presented to the public and what that means? Then the news came on the radio, "The last of 33 miners had been rescued in Chile and dropped the piece. It was a message of hope.

August 5 accident happened when the mine of San Jose © copper and gold near Copiapo, Chile, collapsed, leaving 33 men trapped underground, and his dramatic rescue 69 days later, caught the attention of the world.

It's the story news of the year with its long-running drama and fairy tale ending.

So what are the lessons of leadership that we can learn from the disaster?

What this means in terms of lead and motivate others under stressful circumstances, delicate and difficult?

1. Leadership is the optimism and determination of the orientation
Having a focus and is oriented towards the future is a fundamental trait of leadership.

Optimism is a learned skill. This capability is essential in case of disaster.

Survival is the first address for the trapped miners.

2. Leadership is the purpose
"We are trapped, we are lucky to be alive and what we do now? "Would the passage in ordinary conversation following the spirit of survival after minor accident first time.

To combat boredom, the miners were organized into three groups of eleven.

These groups are then spent to achieve the tasks and chores. An example was to clean the debris that comes through the tree during the rescue.

A sense of purpose is important for morale.

In the case of minors was important they were doing something, because he had taken his spirit imprisoned underground.

4. Leadership is maintaining the energy and effort
It is important to allocate tasks in activities to manage and maintain momentum.

In the case of minors, tasks are important to break the boredom, the creation of routines and concrete results.

In the example of Chile, that includes a latrine, interest in the above topics as a disinfectant for hands, cleaning and sanitizing, and organizing a schedule for making contact with families.

Because there had no natural light, turn on the light during the day and at night has helped strengthen that cycle.

5. Leadership is be visible
During a disaster, we turn around and look for our leaders.

So we saw the president of Chile, to participate and even the president of the United States made a statement where the miners were rescued.

"Chile is not the same most countries. Chile is more united and stronger than ever today and I think Chile has more respect and be valued by the world, "said President Chile, the miners were rescued.

6. Leadership is empathy and compassion
Society expected that most leaders who are concerned about the welfare of those affected by the disaster.

Always focus on the human face of all the mess in the first place.

7. Leadership is about taking control and communication

When the crisis is hitting many people are afraid and confused.

Leaders need to reflect the sentiments of the community and act on best interests society. We want to be in control and be decisive.

In a crisis, leaders are judged by what they say and what they do.

What is said is important because the words and messages have much effect in this moment of time.

The content is essential to match the context of the serious message.

symbolic acts by leaders say much.

There is a "purely symbolic" act when the first President embraces minor to be rescued.

It is a powerful and communicates importance and concern.

"It was a blessing from God. However, the tragedy began as possible. But the unity, faith, commitment, loyalty, solidarity expressed by Chileans during these 69 days we filled pride. "

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